Venez vivre Québec! Come Experience Quebec City!

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  • Marilene Statistician (39)
  • Francois Software engineer (38)
  • Alexis student (12)
  • Leo student (10)
  • Anne-Julie student (8)


Preferred Exchanges

  • Open to Any Destination
  • San Diego, Californie, États-Unis

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    We would like to spend 2-4 weeks in summer 2017.

  • Los Angeles, Californie, États-Unis

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    We would like to spend 2-4 weeks in summer 2017.

  • Californie, États-Unis

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    We would like to be in Southern California to spend 2-4 weeks in summer 2017. We would prefer being close to the beach (up to 30 minute drive from the beach).

  • Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    We've never been to Netherlands, so we are open to suggestions. We would like a 3-4 week stay.

  • Norvège

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    We've never been to Norway, so we are open to suggestions. We would like a 3-4 week stay.

  • Suède

    June 24 — August 26, 2017

    Surprise us! We would like a 3-4 week stay.

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  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Culinary Travel
  • Historic Sites
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  • Shopping
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Exchange Reviews

January - December 2012

We made a three week's exchange with this family at ...

Maria from Vantaa said

We made a three week's exchange with this family at summer 2012. It was a very good experience from the beginning to the end. We communicated a lot during the winter and gave a lot of information about each other, our homes and activities around. The home at Quebec City surroundings is very nice and family friendly. The house is in a very safe area. We got a lot of information there, too, and visited many beautiful places and nature. Probably the most fascinating experience was The Cirque du Soleil. There are free performances there in Quebec city during the summer evenings. That was just amaizing! We want to recommend this family as an exchange partner to you! We met each other in the end, and that was very nice, and also important. We always hope to meet our exchange partners, and nowadays we have friends in France, Canada and USA because of these wonderful exchanges!

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Maria's house:

We had a great time in this house. It is well situated in the surroundings of Helsinki. Don`t be fooled, being outside Helsinki is great. The house is in a calm neighbourhood. The train station is close and provides easy commute to Helsinki without parking headaches. :) We found our house in excellent condition. Both families were invested in the exchange which allowed for many travel hints exchanges. We recommend these exchange partners if you are interested to experience Finland. One thing to note is that you can even complement your stay here with a day (or more) trip to Tallinn, Estonia. It is a quick 2h ship cruise to Tallinn which is a very beautiful city.

January - December 2010

Nous avons eu beaucoup de chance d'effectuer notre premier échange ...

Olivier & Valerie
Olivier & Valerie from Lille said

Nous avons eu beaucoup de chance d'effectuer notre premier échange avec cette famille très sympathique, qui nous a permis de passer un séjour inoubliable dans ce magnifique pays qu'est le Canada. Un échange surtout très riche sur le plan humain et sur le plan culturel. Très investis, comme nous l'étions, dans la réalisation de cet échange, ils ont préparé notre séjour avec beaucoup d'attentions et nous avons bénéficié de nombreuses indications très précieuses. De plus, leur jolie maison; très agréable et fonctionnelle, est située dans un quartier tranquille, et nous nous sommes vite sentis comme chez nous ! Nous avons vraiment plaisir à garder le contact et espérons avoir l'occasion de nous revoir... Encore merci à François et Marylène pour cette belle expérience partagée... -------------------------------------- We were very lucky to have our first exchange with this very nice family, which allowed us to have an unforgettable stay in Canada, this wonderful country. An exchange especially rich in human and cultural terms. This family was very invested, as we were, in setting up this exchange, so that our stay has been prepared with great attention and we received many very valuable information. Furthermore, their very nice house, pleasant and functional, is located in a quiet area and we soon felt at home! We really enjoy keeping in touch and hope to have the opportunity to see you again ... Again thank you to François and Marylène for this wonderful shared experience !

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Olivier & Valerie's house:

(English message below) Nous avons eu une excellente expérience avec Valérie, Olivier et leurs enfants. Ils nous ont donné de très bonnes suggestions d'activités, de restaurants et de points d'intérêts à visiter dans leur région. La maison est grande et très agréable. Les enfants ont été enchantés par les nombreux jouets et les balançoires dans le jardin. L'emplacement permet de faire plusieurs escapades (Belgique, Angleterre, Nord de la France) facilement. À notre retour notre maison était impeccable tout comme nous l'avions laissée. Nous avons échangé des courriels tout le long de notre séjour chez eux afin de partager nos expériences mutuelles, nos découvertes et faits divers. Nous avons développé une très belle complicité avec nos partenaires d'échange. N'hésitez pas à échanger avec cette famille. Bon séjour à Lille! -------------------------------- We had a great experience with Valérie, Olivier, and their children. They have provided us with lots of great recommendations for activities, restaurants, and sites to visit in their region. The house was spacious and enjoyable. Our kids were pleased with the toys and the swing set in the backyard. The location is perfect and offers many day trip opportunities around (Belgium, England, North of France, etc.) Upon our return we found our house just as we left it. We have exchanged emails throughout our stay in Lille exchanging our experiences, little discoveries, and fun facts. We have found new friends in our exchange partners. Don't hesitate to consider an exchange with them. Bon voyage!

January - December 2011

Our exchange with Marilène, Francois and the kids was ...

Michael & Vivian
Michael & Vivian from Ashburn said

Our exchange with Marilène, Francois and the kids was a real pleasure. Their house in Quebec was lovely and only a few minutes from down town Quebec. They prepared a giant book of stuff to see and do in Quebec and had a shoe box of pamphlets with activities. They communicated frequently via phone, email, and Skype, and we were able to meet them in person in Quebec. They left our house just like we left it. We would recommend them to anyone considering an exchange with the Coudercs.

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Michael & Vivian's house:

Our exchange with Vivian, Michael, and their kids has been a delight. Their house was well situated, clean, comfortable, and welcoming. The access to the different pools in the community provided us with great times with our kids. It has easy access to Washington D.C. area with a ton of free museums and monuments. There are really a lot of things to do around. Our house was in the same condition we left it. If you are considering them as future exchangers, don't hesitate, they are a lovely family and have proven they are a safe choice. :)

November -1

We were fortunate to exchange with Francois and Marilene in ...

james from Philadelphia said

We were fortunate to exchange with Francois and Marilene in August, 2013. The exchange (our 5th) was excellent. It was clear that they were experienced exchangers and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The location is in a very quiet neighborhood a quick 15 minute drive to Old Quebec. The house was in immaculate condition, and we felt at home immediately. We were invited to pick vegetables from their cute backyard garden and their master bedroom and bath were large and very comfortable. In addition to its proximity to Old Quebec, there is a very nice park near the old Zoo about 5 minutes away, which I would highly recommend for exchangers with young children. We would heartily recommend Francois and Marilene's house for anyone looking to visit Quebec City. James Zwolak and Gia Guadagnino

Francois & Marilene
What we said about james's house:

We stayed at James and Gia's in August 2013. They have a nice, clean and confortable house, conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia, with easy access to major sites. James was very helpful before and throughout the exchange, providing us with insider tips. We communicated every day, sharing our experience. Coming back home, we found our house spotless. They took really good care of it. We recommend exchanging with them to everyone wishing to see Philadelphia and its surroundings. Thanks for a great exchange! :) Marilène et François

August - August 2014

Francois et Marylène ont été fabuleux du début à ...

Welcome in Rochefort
Welcome in Rochefort from Rochefort said

Francois et Marylène ont été fabuleux du début à la fin! Non seulement ils sont très sympathiques, mais ils sont aussi très soucieux du bien être de leur partenaire d'échange! La documentation mise à disposition est très complète, et le mode d'emploi de la maison très clair. La maison est très spacieuse, très bien équipée, et idéalement située dans un quartier calme et résidentiel, à 15 minutes à peine en voiture de Vieux Quebec. Nous avons également échangé nos voitures et le véhicule prêté a parfaitement répondu aux attentes. Bref, que des points positifs à retenir et nous vous recommandons chaleureusement la famille Couderc :-)

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Welcome in Rochefort's house:

Nous avons été enchantés par l’échange avec la famille d’Isabelle et Frédéric. Ce fut un excellent échange sur toute la ligne. La maison était très confortable, propre et bien située. Elle est entourée par plusieurs attraits intéressants ce qui en fait un super point de départ pour de multiples escapades d’un jour. Nos partenaires ont su prendre soin de notre maison qui était impeccable à notre retour. Nous avons pu rencontrer Isabelle, Frédéric et leurs enfants à deux reprises, au début et à la fin de l’échange ce qui nous a permis de faire plus ample connaissance et de partager sur nos expériences respectives. Nous avons également communiqué tout au long de l’échange par courriel. Somme toute, une famille à recommander sans hésitation. -------------------------------------------- We have been pleased with our exchange with Isabelle and Frédéric. Is has been a great exchange from start to finish. The house is comfortable, clean and well situated. It is surrounded by many interesting activities and attractions. A perfect base for day trips. Our exchange partners took good care of our house, it was in perfect condition upon our return. We met Isabelle, Frédéric, and their kids before and after the exchange. It allowed us to get to know each other and exchange on our respective experiences. We stayed in contact throughout the exchange via email. All that summed up, they are great exchange partners, don`t hesitate.

June - July 2015

We recently completed a fabulous two- week exchange with Francois ...

Elizabeth & Roland
Elizabeth & Roland from Seattle said

We recently completed a fabulous two- week exchange with Francois and Marilene in Quebec City. Quebec City is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever visited and we were so glad for the opportunity to spend time exploring it. Francois and Marilene’s home is in a great location - a lovely, quiet neighborhood within easy driving distance to the city and to a huge variety of interesting tourist destinations and sites of historical significance. We loved spending time in their house. It is immaculately clean, beautifully decorated, spacious, warm and inviting. Although there were just two of us on this trip, their home offers ample space for traveling and gathering together as a family. Their deck and backyard is the perfect place to unwind and recap the day's adventures. Arranging the exchange with Francois and Marilene was wonderful. They were very fun and easy to work with, provided lots of great insider travel tips, and helped make our trip enjoyable and smooth. In addition, they were extremely hospitable and genuinely made us feel welcome in their home. They treated our home exceptionally well and their children even drew some darling chalk art to welcome us home! All in all, it was a wonderful exchange experience.

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Elizabeth & Roland's house:

Our stay at Elizabeth and Roland`s house was great. They are great exchange partners and went at great length to make our stay comfortable and easy. The house was clean, large enough for all of us, and very well situated. It was an easy ride to downtown Seattle and there was a lot of activities around. Even if they did not have kids, they managed to prepare toys and activities for our kids. The kids were happy also to have a backyard to play in. Communication with them was a charm. Coming back home, our house was in perfect condition. We highly recommend having them as exchange partners. Great place, great partners... Look no further... Thanks Elizabeth and Roland!

August - August 2015

We had a great exchange with Francois and Marilene. They ...

Jacqueline from Babylon said

We had a great exchange with Francois and Marilene. They are a lovely, friendly, welcoming family and we enjoyed chatting beforehand and during. They recommended many useful places and their home was spotless and comfortable for our family of four. The location was excellent. We were in downtown Old Quebec in 15 minutes and the home was also close to the highway to travel north to the countryside. We enjoyed local parks and a great bike path only a mile from the home. They left our home clean and well taken care of. We highly recommend considering these members for your exchange.

Francois & Marilene
What we said about Jacqueline's house:

We completed a week long exchange with Jacqueline and Walter. They are a nice and friendly family, easy to work with. They provided us with great insider tips, so we could take advantage of every minute of our stay. Their home is ideally situated to visit New York City, the Hamptons and the North Fork. Don't forget the beaches!!! :)